The Clinton Mob

An American historic milestone occurred today by the flipflop announcement of the FBI ‘s late dedication to finally investigate the Clinton mob which has been a dacades old impregnable criminal institute cleverly arranged for the US government to serve their enrichments at the American people’s expense and safety. Personally, I remain skeptical that such a … More The Clinton Mob


The Russian Election Meddle 17/5/12 11.11.11. Barberena Considering the FBI a “Always gets its victim” in street wisdom, you got to admitt that having 300 agents scrutinizing Mrs. Clinton e mails and find nothing, must be a going trend of never ending investigation of fake news considered real and worthwhile to invest a huge reputation. … More RUSSIA

The End Of Skytunnels

The Skytunnel End 17/5/11 afternoon, Barberena. Yes, yes, yes, this topic is Yours and our main concern; the end of Skytunnels. And we thoroughly understand Your grave concern for the end of Skytunnels; especially. So, here’s a thorough explanation, although it has been thoroughly explained in the Skytunnel book. Maybe not explicitly, but logically discernible, … More The End Of Skytunnels

Hispanic Poison

The Hispanic Poison It will be gotten rid of by a moderate education, but will develop to overwhelm any uneducated Hispanic person to become a poisonous asshole. Its core results from the two-class system in which all Hispanics are born in; exactly a hate for the lower class, with scapegoat sadism as a natural elating … More Hispanic Poison

Esta Pisado Eso

+Esta Requete  Pisado ESO.   Should have known four years ago, when asked if I would chicken-out by being a pussy at whatever situation to be encountered. The surprising question was delivered without any additional information, four years ago. All this time I had no idea of its real and meaningful meaning; nor that it … More Esta Pisado Eso